django-mssql / docs / quickstart.txt



* Install ``django-mssql`` with your favorite Python package manager::

    pip install django-mssql

* Add the DATABASES configuration.

    .. code-block:: django
        DATABASES = {
            'default': {
                'NAME': 'my_database',
                'ENGINE': 'sqlserver_ado',
                'HOST': 'dbserver\\ss2008',
                'USER': '',
                'PASSWORD': '',
                'OPTIONS' : {
                    'provider': 'SQLOLEDB',
                    'use_mars': True,

    .. note:: Although the project is named ``django-mssql`` the python module is named ``sqlserver_ado``.



Django_ 1.2 and newer are supported by the current release. Support for Django 1.1 requires getting code from tag ``legacy-1.1``.

.. _Django:


This backend requires Python 2.6 or newer. Python 3.x support will be investigated when Django supports it.


PyWin32_ build 212 or newer is required.

.. _PyWin32:
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