django-mssql / docs / testing.txt


All tests are contained in the ``tests`` folder.


The folder ``tests/api/`` contains a test suite for checking DB-API 2

    .. code-block:: cmd

Django Support

Database Introspection

Located in folder ``tests/test_inspectdb``. These tests verify the 
database introspection.

To run:

- set up the SQLINSTANCE
- ``python inspectdb``

Main Tests

The tests for basic functionality and regressions are located in the 
``tests/test_main/`` folder.

To run:
- set up the SQLINSTANCE
- ``python test``

Running Django Test Suite

To `run the Django test suite`_, you will need to create a settings file that lists 
'sqlserver_ado' as the :setting:`ENGINE`.

Example settings:

    .. code-block:: python
        DATABASES = {
            'default': {
                'ENGINE': 'sqlserver_ado',
                'NAME': 'django_framework',
                'HOST': r'localhost\ss2008',
                'USER': '',
                'PASSWORD': '',
            'other': {
                'ENGINE': 'sqlserver_ado',
                'NAME': 'django_framework_other',
                'HOST': r'localhost\ss2008',
                'USER': '',
                'PASSWORD': '',
        SECRET_KEY = "django_tests_secret_key"

.. _`run the Django test suite`:
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