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Manfre  committed c2cfad6

Remove unused $txpcfg globals from mem_moderation_article. Leaving unused 2nd argument '$use_textile' for textile_main_fields() to maintain support of older txp versions. See #32

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File mem_moderation/mem_moderation_article.php

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 function mem_article_approver($type, $data)
-	global $txpcfg, $txp_user, $prefs;
+	global $txp_user, $prefs;
 	if (!is_array($data))
 /** custom_article that filters based upon current user (txp or ign) */
 function mem_custom_user_article_list($atts, $thing='')
-	global $pretext, $prefs, $txpcfg,$txp_user,$ign_user;
+	global $pretext, $prefs, $txp_user,$ign_user;
 	// need url info and txp prefs