mem_simple_form clear a value

Hablablow avatarHablablow created an issue


Following a discussion we had by mail, here's a report of an issue I have using mem_simple_form plugin.


Using the code below, I cant clear a value previously entered in a field and recorded in the DB. Trying to empty a field and saving it will fire the thank you message but won't clear the value...


<txp:mem_form_text name="table_country" label="Country" break="" />
<txp:mem_form_secret name="string_user_ref" value="{userA}" />
<txp:mem_form_submit />

Thank you very much for any suggestions.



Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous

    I can confirm this. A workaround that in limited testing seems to work is to precede each form element with a mem_form_secret with the same name attribute and value="" but it is a little cumbersome. Have we missed a simple setting somewhere, or is this a situation the plugin doesn't catch?

    (using mem_simple_form 0.31 and mem_form 0.8.3.)

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