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Issue #17 resolved

Blank password with mem_self_register 0.9.3

created an issue

I´m having an annoying problem when trying to make the user recevie a new password with mem_self_password_reset_form . The user actually receives an email but the password is blank. Using mem_form 0.8 , mem_self_register 0.9.3 and txp 4.3

Any clues about this?

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  1. brunodario reporter

    Michael, thx for your quick response. Here are the tags:

    I call the form from the page with

    bunch of things (text, img)...
    <txp:output_form form="esqueceu-senha"  /> 

    An the form "esqueceu-senha" itself:

    <txp:mem_self_password_reset_form form_mail="self_register_password_mail" subject="Valentina Fiancée sua nova senha">
    <p>Informe seu nome de usuário e email e nós enviaremos uma nova senha!</p>
    <txp:mem_form_text break="" name="name" label="Nome de Usuário" break="br" />
    <txp:mem_form_email break="" name="email" label="Seu email cadastrado" break="br" />
    <txp:mem_form_submit name="submit" label="Enviar" />

    The "self_register_password_mail" form:

    Prezada(o) <txp:mem_name />,
    Recebemos sua solicitação para alterar a senha de acesso ao site <txp:mem_siteurl />.
    Seu Login: <txp:mem_username /> 
    Sua nova Senha: <txp:mem_password />
    Se tiver qualquer dúvida por favor entre em contato conosco através de nosso site ou respondendo a este email.
    <txp:mem_admin_name />
    <txp:mem_admin_email />

    The user receives the email but the password is blank (And it´s actually blank on the database either). I thank you in advance for your time and help.

  2. teeraina


    I have the same problem. Is there any solutions to be found to this issue?

    <txp:mem_self_password_reset_form /> sets the password blank

    <txp:mem_self_change_password_form /> changes the password, but in email it shows up encrypted

    I'm using TXP 4.4.1, mem_self_register 0.9.7 and mem_form 0.8.4

  3. Michael Manfre repo owner

    brunodario, your usage is incorrect. The "form_mail" message that is sent does not email a password. Instead, it emails a link confirmation link that should point back to the page with the form, but includes "?mem_self_confirm=1". At that point, the regular txp password email will be sent.

    teeraina, issue found and fixed with v0.9.8.

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