Password reset function fails new password email

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I've been setting up the password reset functionality, and everything works as expected until I try to define the email used to send the new password.

If I leave the "new_form_mail" attribute blank, then I get the simple email as defined in the array at the start of the plugin.

If I add a form name in the "new_form_mail" attribute, the plugin correctly finds the form but simply replaces the variables with blanks, instead of their values.

This is my form:

{{{ Dear <txp:mem_RealName />, Your new password is: <txp:mem_password />. You can login with the new password at <txp:mem_siteurl />. <txp:mem_admin_name /> }}}

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  1. aslsw reporter

    After a bit more playing around, I have discovered the following:

    • around line 771, the plugin appears to allow for the format "<txp:mem_variablename>". However, the only format it seems to accept is the alternate "{variablename}".
    • around line 767, setting the value of $RealName seems to require grabbing the right element from the $user array. I have hacked around and manage to fix this (happy to share but I doubt my version is foolproof).
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