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The functionality for users to edit their own information would be improved by allowing a developer to specify a success form, rather than outputting a simple message.

I have hacked my version to do so, but I'm not sure how stable or reliable it is. I've discovered that the only form that can't be included is the form itself - it seems to send Textpattern into a continuous loop. It would be nice to be able to display back to the user what they've just entered.

Not sure if the same requirement would apply to other functions in the plugin - I'm only using the user edit functionality for now.

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  1. Michael Manfre repo owner

    mem_form provides the tag <txp:mem_form_value name="FIELD NAME" />. This tag will output any posted value for a form field or its default, if the form has not been submitted. This tag can be used in the thanks_form.

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