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submitting an article date through mem_public_article doesn’t work reliable.

Sometimes submitting the article works, but the date written to the database varies from the date submitted (most of the day before the day submitted). Sometimes the form doesn’t work at all. After submitting the success-form won’t be loaded andmem_public_article inserts a url like //#mem1eb556cd55437de9de1fb1fa294bf291//

Removing the date related fields and pasting them again after a reload, usually makes the form work again for some time.

the code lines in the article: {{{


<txp:mem_public_article form="public-article" success_form="public-article-success" />

}}} public-article: {{{


<div class="memText">

<p><txp:mem_form_text name="Title" label="Title: " break="" size="59" max="255" example="1st January 2012: Himalaya" /></p> <p> <txp:mem_form_text name="custom_5" label="Sortdate: " break="" size="10" />

<txp:mem_form_text name="year" break="" size="4" label="YYYY: " /> <txp:mem_form_text name="month" break="" size="2" label="MM: " /> <txp:mem_form_text name="day" break="" size="2" label="DD: " />


<p><txp:mem_form_select_category name="Category1" label="Leader: " exclude="a,b,c,d,class,hikeleader,z" first="Select a Hikeleader"/> </p> <p><txp:mem_form_select_category name="Category2" label="Class: " exclude="christine-colella,maria-hofmann,frits-wittgrefe,hikeleader,margarethe-ehrenfeldner,peter-vacek,peter-jirak,class,norbert-plhak,rotraud-turanicz,tomas-vitvar,guenter-wonisch,paul-hesp" first="Select a Class"/> <txp:mem_form_text name="custom_8" default="" label="Class Extras: " class="float:left" break="" required="0" /> </p> <p><txp:mem_form_textarea name="Body" label="Description" default="Description:







Note: " /> </p>

<txp:mem_form_secret name="textile_body" value="1" label="textile body" /> <txp:mem_form_secret name="textile_excerpt" value="1" label="textile excerpt" /> <txp:mem_form_secret name="Section" value="programm" Label="Section" /> <txp:mem_form_secret name="Status" value="4" label="Status" /> <txp:mem_form_secret name="Author" value="hikeleader" label="Author" /> <txp:mem_form_secret name="Annotate" value="0" label="Comments off" />

<p> <txp:mem_form_submit /> </p> </div> }}}

public-article-success: {{{


<p>Success!</p> }}}

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  1. Pemischl reporter

    Thank you for the quick responding. The dates are submitted through a jquery date-picker, so they are always in the same (correct) format. browser back button is not used, cache is disabled. I also tested different browsers.

    There are no errors. After submitting, all parts included in the article-form are not rendered.

    Attached the source including debugging info before and after submitting.

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