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Hi Michael

Resetting password logic is not working like excpected:

when submitting a request using mem_self_password_reset_form a mail is sent with a link to make a reset,

when clicking the link the reset is made but information like 'confirm_url' are not taken into account

Looking at the code it seems that those kind of information are taken from mem_from_value array, but when clicking a reset link from email there is no mem_form_value array passed to the page wich process the reset because there is no form submission there!


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  1. RABAH reporter


    here it is:

    <txp:mem_self_password_reset_form confirm_url="site/35/reinitialiser-votre-mot-de-passe" check_email="0">
    <txp:mem_form_text name="name" label="Votre nom utilisateur:" /><br />
    <txp:mem_form_submit name="submit" label="Submit" />

    and the mail containing the new password look like this:

    Cher rabah,
    your_password_is: segncza7wf

    the link into the mail should be the same as the first mail:

    Salut  rabah,
    Cliquez sur ce lien pour confirmer la réinitialisation de votre mot de passe:
  2. RABAH reporter

    Hi Michael

    An addition to the problem:

    The new password is sended using a txp funtion send_new_password from txplib_admin.php and that function caused the url be put as /textpattern/index.php. I have copied the function send_new_password and past it into your plugin changed it names and that works with a little quirk (in the mail i have {url} and {password} word in it) Cheers

  3. RABAH reporter

    Hi Michael

    I have also duplicated the function txpMail from txplib_misc.php because i can t set the from and reply_to data, the original txpMail look for those information on txp_user but when someone look to reset his password he is not connected!

    Hope that help.


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