This is the official repository for Textpattern plugins with the "mem" prefix. My aim is to have plugin descriptions and documentation here in the wiki, bugs & features in the issue tracker, released plugin files in downloads and the source (of course of course).

Note: I'm still in the process of transferring everything over. Any help with writing and maintaining the documentation would be greatly appreciated.

Manfre's Textpattern Plugins


This plugin was created to be used by other plugin authors. It's intended to provide an easy to use and consistent way of handing HTML forms.

mem_form documentation


This plugin provides a site with the ability to let users create and manage their own user account from the public site of the site. It relies on another plugin to secure the user management forms. E.g. ign_password_protect.

mem_self_register documentation

Moderation Queue Plugins

These series of plugins, names beginning with "mem_moderation", allow a site to accept content from the public side of the site in a controlled way. All content is sent through a moderation queue and released to the site after a website staff member reviews and approves it.

Moderation queue documentation


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