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txp-plugins / mem_self_register

Self Registration Plugin

This plugin provides a site with the ability to let users create and manage their own user account from the public site of the site. It relies on another plugin to secure the user management forms. E.g. ign_password_protect.

The mem_form plugin is required to use mem_self_register.

Registration Form Example

		<txp:mem_form_text name="first_name" label="First Name" /><br />
		<br />

		<txp:mem_form_text name="last_name" label="Last Name" /><br />
		<br />
		<txp:mem_form_text name="name" label="Username" /><br />
		<br />
		<txp:mem_form_email name="email" label="E-Mail" /><br />
		<br />
		<txp:mem_form_submit />

Update Password Form

      <div class="password-edit dashFields"> 
         <txp:mem_form_text password="1" name="old_password" label="Current Password" class="cPasswordCurrent left" break="" /><br/>
         <txp:mem_form_text password="1" name="password" label="New Password" class="cPasswordOld left" break="" /><br/>
         <txp:mem_form_text password="1" name="password_confirm" label="Confirm Password" class="cPasswordConfirm left" break="" />
         <txp:mem_form_submit /></div></fieldset>