Discord Bot


  • Python 3.4.2+
  • requests library
  • aiohttp library
  • websockets library
  • beautifulsoup4

For voice:

  •[voice] - python3 -m pip install -U[voice]
  • sudo apt-get install libav-tools
  • python3 -m pip install -U youtube_dl
  • PyNaCl
  • sudo apt install libsodium-dev

TTS: - python3 -m pip install -U gTTS

Usually pip will handle these for you.


  • Games

    • ping: Ping Pong!
  • Help

    • help: Shows the command list.
  • HeroFighter

    • status: Checks if the Hero Fighter v0.7 services are up and running.
    • download: Provides the link for downloading HF and RS.
    • search: Searches for a user in HFE and LFE.
    • rl: Prints the HF Room List.
  • Utilities

    • ud: Look up a word on UrbanDictionary.
    • 8: Ask the magic 8ball a question! Usage: .8 <question>
    • mangle: Repeatedly translate the input until it makes absolutely no sense.
    • uptime: Returns the uptime of HF Bot.
    • yt: Look up a video on YouTube.
    • ytc: Play a YouTube video in voice channel.
    • ytd: Disconnect from voice channel.
    • wt: Look up a word on Wiktionary.
    • tr: Translates a phrase, with an optional language hint.
    • tts: Text to speech with optional language hint.