GLIMGUI - OpenGL Immediate Mode GUI (sort of library) Copyright (c) 2010-2014 Martin Felis


This is a simple library that implements an Immediate Mode GUI (IMGUI) with a few simple widgets. It is heavily inspired by the great IMGUI tutorial of Jari Komppa found at


Even though the name contains GL as in OpenGL, the library should be very easy to port for other libraries, such as SDL, DirectX or similar.

The implementation is quite simple e.g. it only supports label, line edits and buttons and furthermore non-ASCII characters are not supported. The latter is only a matter of text rendering implementation. If you have one that can do it then you can easily replace glimgui_printxy (...) with your own function.

To have fancier widgets have a look at the function draw_rect_decoration() in glimgui.c.


The software was developed under GNU/Linux but should run also on Windows. CMake was used for the build system. Additionally the example needs OpenGL and GLUT development libraries installed. Under perfect conditions the following commands should suffice to get it run:

cmake .


The library and the example code are published under the MIT License which you find in the file COPYING.