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Konstantin Timoshenko created an issue

Socket disconect in love-android time of time, but sometimes app send, but not receive data on socket.

For example: I start in phone and connect with in PC, over time server stops send data, only receives. (if i connect as client in phone, it only sends, but not receives)

//Replase "adress" in / to your server IP (small red numbers)

In PC-PC work normal always.

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  1. Martin Felis repo owner

    Do you actually receive anything either from server to client or from client to server? Have you tried using TCP sockets?

  2. Konstantin Timoshenko reporter

    Yes, server pings clients. No, i use UDP. May be so that UDP sokets lost many packets and data recieve not corectly.

  3. Konstantin Timoshenko reporter

    Solved, my code is bad. My app sends request and waiting answer from server, but in UDP lost packets not sent repeatedly automatically as in TCP.

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