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Iwan Gabovitch created an issue


How to find out whether a device is supported?

Is a minimum Android version required?

Is a minimum OpenGL version required? (I think I saw OpenGL ES 2.1 as a minimum requirements on a forum thread but this was about the emulator . If there is a minimum required OpenGL ES version, can you recommend how to find out what the OpenGL ES version of a phone is? They usually don't include such info in the specs. I could find some info at but more sources would be good to have.

I published an app to play and got a 8467 items long list of supported devices (but can I trust it?) but I couldn't yet select that list in the browser without crashing.

This information is important to know in many situations: 1. Will this run on my phone? (before starting LÖVE Android dev, direct testing is possible of course... ) 2. Will this run on PERSON's phone, so I can show off? 3. Should I buy this budget phone or won't I be able to run LÖVE games on it?

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  1. Martin Felis repo owner

    Android supports OpenGL ES2 since Android 2.2 which was published in 2010 and also the Android version 2.3 that is required to run LÖVE for Android was published in the same year. At you can get a glimpse of the current fragmentation of Android and the versions that do not support LÖVE for Android are less than 0.4%.

    Long story short: LÖVE for Android should run on virtually every Android device. However there still might be bugs that only occur on specific devices.

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