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Issue #110 closed
bio1712 created an issue

I use the love.keypressed module to erase chars.

I tested my app on 3 different devices, and it worked well on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and on an I-Inn tablet.

The behavior is correct, I can erase my strings well.

But when i tested it on a Lenovo a7600h it didn't work. When I press the backspace button for the first time it works well, but when I press the next times it doesn't works.

However, I can fix this bug using love.keyboard.setKeyRepeat(true)

Sorry for my bad english.

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  1. Alex Szpakowski

    It sounds like that specific device isn't sending key release events when the backspace key is released, for whatever reason.

  2. Martin Andrighetti

    Moto G (XT1040) here. Also happens. love.keyreleased events for the backspace also don't seem to be sent. For return (enter) key, it does, however. Calling love.keyboard.setKeyRepeat(true) while input is enabled solves it. Calling it while input is not enabled does not. Maybe setTextInput should call setKeyRepeat?

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