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Issue #13 resolved
Landon “Karai” Manning created an issue

Exposing the android config to lua would allow more customization for each game without having to recompile or edit love itself.

function love.conf(t) = true = "landscape" = {"INTERNET", "NFC", "VIBRATE"}
  --et cetera

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  1. Alex Szpakowski

    Orientation isn't android-specific. Can those be specified at runtime? I thought they were launch-time (or maybe install-time) things.

  2. Landon “Karai” Manning reporter

    That's a fair question. A lot of Android's config is set in the manifest.xml so it is probably safe to assume that it is an install or launch time setting.

  3. Colby Klein

    Orientation is specified in the manifest, but might be possible to specify at runtime.

    Permissions definitely need to happen in the manifest, that's install-time stuff.

  4. Martin Felis repo owner

    Orientation and permissions are specified in the manifest. As the manifest has to be adjusted anyways for a game distribution there is no point in adding configurations for those in conf.lua.

    Also the Android SDK will be required to create an Play Store compatible APK that includes the game. I guess that there will not be a simple distribution possible as under windows.

    I will close the bug for now. However feel free to reopen it if there is something important that could be added to the configuration.

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