Cannot write to external filesystem

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Issue #137 closed
Nathan 1852 created an issue

I can't seem to write to the external filesystem.

I originally made an renamed love2d apk, where it didn't work, the flag in conf.lua is set to true, and I can write the files without problems, but I can't find them inside the normal filesystem. I know they got written because l.f.getDirectoryItems lists the files, and I can require them without problems.

I then tried the same thing with the love2d app and a normal main.lua (and conf.lua) in the lovegame folder. The same thing. loves filesystem lists the created file, but it is nowhere to be found, neither on the sdcard nor on the internal storage.

I have android 4.4.2 and the latest love2d app version

Edit: After a long search I found the file created with the normal love2d app through the adb shell. The files created from the renamed app are still missing (I thought saving in the external storage would make the files visible for the phones file explorer?)

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  1. Miku AuahDark

    They probably got written to internal application directory, which only acessible by root. Try to set externalstorage to true.

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