Add precompiled portrait and landscape apk's

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Issue #140 closed
Gustavo Alberto Lara Gómez created an issue

I think it would be practical to have 2 apk's ready to go on the downloads section, something like: love-android-0.10.2-release-portrait.apk love-android-0.10.2-release-landscape.apk

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  1. Martin Felis repo owner

    Even better would be a small launcher app that would allow you to configure some settings (landscape, portrait, auto) that is used by default. Not sure when I will find time for it, though.

  2. Carlo Cabanilla

    @MartinFelis What if the apk orientation defaulted to "sensor" and then love games can specify a fixed orientation if they want in conf.lua? I'm not sure if conf.lua is accessible in the GameActivity before launching the game, but if it was, then we can call setRequestedOrientation to fix the orientation before running the game.

    I have some time to work on this if you could point me in the right direction.

  3. Peter Kleiweg

    Another option would be to look at the preferred window size in conf.lua. If height is larger than width, then run in portrait mode.

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