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Issue #142 wontfix
JP LeBreton created an issue

This is very specific to the project I want to use it for, but I'm making the feature request here just in case you'd find it useful for other things. (And because my inexperience with Android and C++ means I'm not having much luck hacking it into a private fork, though I'll report back here if I make any headway.)

Basically I'd like to get a table of SSIDs for all wifi access points visible to the device, along with each access point's MAC address aka BSSID.

Looking at the docs on it seems like the Android-side way to get these is via WifiManager.getScanResults, which you'd need one of the ACCESS_COARSE/FINE_LOCATION permissions for.

Again this feature is only of use to particular game/interactive concepts, so I understand if you don't think this is worth adding to Love2D for Android, but I'm making this request just in case you do.

Thanks very much for your work on this project! Being able to write Android games in Lua is fantastic :D

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  1. Martin Felis repo owner

    This would be indeed nice to have, however to get the communication working from Java down to Lua is needed for this. Once we have something for #69 this should be doable.

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