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Mello Lunar created an issue

Hello, I'd like to know what android lib version and compiler was used to compile the external libraries included in Love2D, I recently compiled a library for use with Love2D android, I used arm-linux-androideabi-gcc 4.9 and android lib 21, but It did not open the so files successfully, So I'd like to know the abovementionned so I can successfully port the library to Android

Thank you very much...

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  1. Mello Lunar reporter

    I also tried compiling with android NDK lib 23 but for so file, I'm getting dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "xxx" referenced by "" By the way, I'm sending my files to my device via an FTP server and indeed opening the good files because it's not giving me a 32-bit architecture error (I have two bin folders, linux and android, linux works fine), and then I'm just using X-plore to open main.lua, it works fine if I don't require the library with the .so files

  2. Martin Felis repo owner

    The build that is uploaded to the play store and downloadable from Android SDK is 22 and NDK was r12b with gcc 4.9 as far as I can tell.

    To rule things out I would suggest you to build your own Android port and your external library with the same settings get that working first before trying to make your external library compatible with the published LÖVE packages.

    Hope this helps.

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