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As you know android phones have quite a few keys and I'd like to detect when those keys are being pressed. Heres a link with a pic containing (I think) all the keys that an android phone can have.

I've read in this link that android phones do not require any of those buttons anymore so if you find any kind of code in the android SDK that can tell me if the phone has any special keys then that'd really helpful to.

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  1. Alex Szpakowski

    Are you sure these don't trigger love.keypressed events? I don't have an Android device to test, but SDL should be sending those events to LÖVE as key presses I think.

    EDIT: actually, LÖVE might be missing some mappings for a few keys, which would cause it to not report a key press event if that key is pressed.

  2. Ranguna

    NVM, tested love.keypressed() keyreleased() detects the menu (as 'menu') and the return/back key (as 'escape'), I'll try to find another android to test the search key, I'll post back

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