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julian villaruz created an issue

I’ve recently released my game on the play store and I’ve gotten 3 separate instances of people reporting that the game never launches specifically on Google Pixel 4. (Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 4 XL and another one with Google pixel 4a). It works perfectly on other devices.

I don’t have a Google Pixel 4 so I can only tell you what they reported to me - “For me it's auto-closing immediately after launch. I see a black screen flash briefly before returning to the screen from which I attempted to launch the app. Is this my issue or the app? I'm using an up-to-date pixel 4a.”

Link to the app if you need it: . It’s not free so if you want I can give you access as a tester. I could also send you the apk, love or source code whichever one you need.

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