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Issue #21 resolved
Martin Felis repo owner created an issue

Currently there are two modes for the .apk:

  1. Löve standalone that runs the no game screen or the game from /sdcard/lovegame
  2. Löve + game as in the assets folder

However it is not clear (at least to me) how to install more than one Löve packages simultaneously.

It would be great to have instructions how to properly create a package for a game (including launcher icon + title) that does not interfere with the Löve standalone package.

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  1. Seppi P

    I wrote some documentation on how to:

    A. Install and set up the dependencies for making an apk on arch linux, and more importantly, B. How to configure the AndroidManifext.xml and configure the src directory so that the application is unique.

    The docs are on github and the raw is in markdown, so feel free to fork / copy / edit.

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