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Issue #29 resolved
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When I add the contents of the following repo to /lovegame, Android v8 brings up a black screen then crashes with no error.

--Landon Manning

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  1. Martin Felis repo owner

    Hrm... it "runs" for me. What is your device? However as it does not react to mouse events and I don't have a keyboard I cannot actually play it.

    On the desktop I get various crashes, e.g. when toggling hitboxes or when exiting the map through the top.

  2. Landon “Karai” Manning

    ASUS Transformer Prime

    Yeah the code isn't perfect by any means, I just wanted to see if it runs, but I only get a black screen then it crashes to home.

  3. Landon “Karai” Manning

    Turns out it is just v8, not rpg. I try to open it without any game files and it has a black screen for a moment then crashes without error.

  4. Seppi P


    Use the android-sdk/platform-tools/adb logcat to get a log of what's going on, and recreate the error.

    Also consider trying the fix for #30

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