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I'm not entirely sure what has caused this but love-android-sdl2 doesn't seem to work on Moto G devices. It doesn't display the "nogame" screen nor does it load any game. This has been tested with a compiled .apk (namely LoveBurgers), too, and the same issue persists. What's given is a blue screen (as if an error has been found on LOVE) without any sort of text. Tested on alpha1 and alpha8 with multiple reinstalls.

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  1. Martin Felis repo owner

    Can you post the log output? You need to install the Android SDK and use adb to obtain it.

  2. Pebsie

    Sorry, I meant to reply to this. I'll get right on to seeing if I can get that log output. Yeah, the issue is still there in beta1.

  3. Pebsie

    Hm... it seems as if Google have purposefully made it difficult to gtet logoutput on KitKat. I can't seem to find any information on how to do it :s

  4. Martin Felis repo owner

    Were you able to get some log output? Have you tried uninstalling the app and just running a fresh install of the default beta1 apk?

    I really would like to get this fixed but I do not have a Moto G :(

  5. Martin Felis repo owner
    • changed status to open

    headchant confirmed this bug and helped fixing it.

    Seems like the Moto G (and possibly other phones) are strict with some GLES SL specifications. In src/scripts/graphics.lua there are two places where the first line is specified for the actual GLSL code: and

    Unfortunately "#line 0" is not accepted by the Moto G. Using "#line 1" instead fixes it and makes LÖVE run on the Moto G.

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