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Issue #33 resolved
Seppi P created an issue

Here is my proposed love-android-sdl2 icon.

Staying in the spirit of the love logo graphics:

I hereby release this under CC-0 not assuming I have ownership of the Android logo.

If you prefer, I am happy to provide a pull request.

XCF File

large project version

Here are the drawables:

drawable-xxhdpi.png drawable-xxhdpi.png

drawable-xhdpi.png drawable-xhdpi.png

drawable-hdpi.png drawable-hdpi.png

drawable-mdpi.png drawable-mdpi.png

Comments (13)

  1. Seppi P reporter

    Here are some more variants. Tell me what you like (if any) and I can provide a pull request!

    Icon 2 - Blue gradient w/ ^^ icon2

    Icon 4 - Blue gradient w/^^ No O icon4

    Icon 6 - Pink w/^^ No O icon6

    Icon 7- Pink Gradient w/^^ No O icon7

    Icon 8 - Pink Gradient w/PIG No O icon8

    Icon 9 - Pink HEAD w/PIG No O icon9

    Icon 10 - Pink w/PIG No O icon10

  2. Martin Felis repo owner

    I like Icon 1 or 2 best (with a slight tendency to 2) as they are the most characteristic. The piggy snout will not be visible much on smaller icons, ^^ + snout looks like an evil stare. Apart from that rubber piggy is so 0.8.0!

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