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Issue #45 resolved
Martin Felis repo owner created an issue

(This should have actually been issue #1, but I did not properly think ahead)

It is time to bring LÖVE to Android. For real!

I have set up a small game that is currently in review on the Google Play Store.

Fingers crossed!

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  1. Martin Felis reporter

    Major break-through: MY GAME PASSED THE REVIEW!!!

    I still keep it in the alpha channel but expect the App to appear in the public store soonish!

  2. miko

    Love for android is already over 5MB. Is it possible to compile in only used modules, so the target binary is smaller for simple games? Any docs or experiences you can share?

  3. Martin Felis reporter

    The size halves if you drop compatibility of armv6 devices (which should be okay as most are already armv7 and others such as Corona do the same).

    Additionally the size might be reduced in the future as the dependency of DevIL is being replaced by hopefully smaller libraries.

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