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Issue #48 wontfix
Rami Sabbagh created an issue

As a lot of tablets use android 4.1 and they have virtual buttons (Back,Menu,VolUp,VolDown) on screen you should force menu button to be shown

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  1. Martin Felis repo owner

    Do you know by any chance how this is usually handled? Can you specify a specific tablet?

  2. Pablo Ariel Mayobre

    I can tell by reading the code that that part of the code ignores other keys (volume and camera keys), what he wants to do is display the GUI that is hidden by LÖVE Android (Just the buttons) but for that you should use a non-fullscreen mode, since fullscreen covers the whole screen including the part used to display the buttons

  3. Sla Master

    He wants to have menu button shown and to be able to click on it, right? and open an android context menu, well.. I would like that menu too, no idea about android programming.

  4. Pablo Ariel Mayobre

    This is discourage by Google, just put a button in your game and if the menu button on the phone is pressed trigger the same event as that button.

    Implementing this in the port is useless and not recommended

  5. Rami Sabbagh reporter
    1. Why Android created a menu button ??, To just don't enable it !!??, Or to save programmers time coding a button ?, i'm sure that it's just 1 line to fix it.
    2. As my game have a level editor, and the mobile screen is very small like a shit, adding menu will menu button make it hard to see the game content !
  6. Pablo Ariel Mayobre
    1. They putted it in there but then, they said "Lets take it out" so basically it wast really needed, developers can put a button in their applications with "dumb" code. So Google discourages its use (Yeah its the same link, I want you to understand).

    2. Use a gesture, and stop complaining, or buy a new phone maybe...

    It's one line?? Then grab the code from the repository implement it and use it in your projects, I think it isn't needed in the port... at all... It's my point of view anyway so Martin will decide

  7. Martin Felis repo owner

    As mentioned the menu button is deprecated and will not be enabled by default for LÖVE for Android.

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