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Issue #49 resolved
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Can you add vertical mode i use the lib hump camera for make verticale game but android is in horizontal mode

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  1. archtavo

    I was thinking exactly the same, I want to release an Android game but the beta2 apk comes with a landscape mode by default (I know I can change it to portrait on AndroidManifest.xml but I'm having some problems to build it right now).

  2. archtavo

    That's what I did with no success, but I noticed I forgot to apply this to the repo's folder and after that everything went well :)

    android update project -p ./MartinFelis-love-android-sdl2-f09239788a9d
  3. archtavo

    Also, just a little doubt, in the AndroidManifest.xml file there are to lines with the "landscape" mode by default, what's the difference in changing one or the other?

  4. Martin Felis repo owner

    The second line does not exist anymore so it should be clear now which line to change.

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