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Issue #5 resolved
Martin Felis repo owner created an issue

As slime noted this should work somewhat automatically. Still this should be validated

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  1. Pavol Rusnak

    Tested with USB keyboard plugged in via USB OTG and it works just fine. I think we can close this.

  2. Alex Szpakowski

    Try love.keyboard.setTextInput(true).

    I'll eventually update the function to optionally specify the rectangle for where the OSK should go, probably.

  3. Pavol Rusnak

    I confirm that calling love.keyboard.setTextInput(true) shows on-screen-keyboard and using it fires love.textinput(t) callback correctly.

    Attaching main.lua for reference:

    function love.load()
        text = "Type away! -- "
    function love.textinput(t)
        text = text .. t
    function love.draw(), 0, 0,
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