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We should have an android branch specifically for OUYA.

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  1. David Serrano

    Yes but a branch specifically for ouya would have ouya's functions built in. For I app purchases and such. Or at least a full tutorial as to how to implement this.

  2. Martin Felis repo owner

    Implementing Ouya specific functions is mainly exposing the Java functions to Lua via JNI. There are already some functions that wrap Java i.e.

    At this time adding purchasing APIs for the different shops (Ouya, Android, Amazon, ... ?) is not the focus of this port (but in general should be possible). If you have code feell free to share and we'll see how we can integrate it.

  3. S C


    I think this page may also be helpful:

    And here is the current ODK: [official link], [upload to access without account]

    I am very interested in making a game for OUYA using LÖVE. I am going to continue moving forward with my project, and I give my support for and would appreciate it if integrating these OUYA bits could be figured out, even if just in a tutorial form.

    However, if it comes down to it, at some point along I will try to figure it out myself if it hasn't been done then.


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