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Issue #58 resolved
Arthur Ferrai Ferreira created an issue

It would be good to have a step-by-step way to build .apk using Mac OS X. Right now I'm trying to use the windows guide as a base to accomplish it (since mac os doesn't have the package manager thing - not considering macports here).

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  1. Pablo Ariel Mayobre

    You should be able to do it with the Windows guide since in all the pages I visited there where downloads for Mac OS X.

    You should check the instruntions for Ant thought since it is somewhat system dependant. Other important thing to check is Environment Variables, I don't know how OS X handles them.

    If you can document it, it would be really appreciated.

  2. Arthur Ferrai Ferreira reporter

    I've found a way to put environment variables here, and looks like it works. The only problem is that ndk-build complains about NDK_PROJECT_PATH variable. Do you have any clue?

    Edit: these instructions worked better (about env vars).

  3. Pablo Ariel Mayobre

    Well I don't know about that variable, you could open the NDK file (It should be a bash script or something like that) and look where it is defined, but I think that that variable is where you are running the code, don't know thought.

  4. Arthur Ferrai Ferreira reporter

    Oh, nevermind... my env variables were not set through that point. It works now. It's basically a mix between windows (download the packages) and linux (environment variables) methods.

  5. Martin Felis repo owner

    Good to hear that it works! Would be great if you could create a page in the wiki to share your wisdom. It could be sufficient to state where to get the things and then link to the Linux instructions.

  6. Pablo Ariel Mayobre

    Awesome! If you can make a wiki page with the process or the changes it would be great. Thanks for notifying

    EDIT: Sorry I wrote what Martin said cause I didn't read his comment. I can't believe that is exactly the same just different words haha

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