Update love-dep to 0.9.0+ to 0.9.1

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Issue #59 resolved
Seppi P created an issue

Unless I'm mistaken, the 0.9.0 with changes (non love-android-sdl2) is currently in the repo. It would be nice if we could update that to 0.9.1 and merge the specific love-android-sdl2 changes.

That way there are less undocumented inconsistencies between love-android-sdl2 and 0.9.1

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  1. Alex Szpakowski

    It currently uses a development version of 0.9.1, but it's from a few weeks ago so it's not completely the same as the official 0.9.1 release. I'll get that merged into the mobile common branch of love-experiments very soon.

  2. Konstantin Timoshenko

    Bug! Android 4.0.4 , love2d 0.9.1

    -Every 709 love.update()'s ticks app stops on 2-10 seconds, after 709*3 ticks app crashed

    -Sometims function love.touch.getTouch(i) return error in loop from 1 to..getTouchCount()


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