Old instance of game running when new .love is loaded

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Issue #66 resolved
Landon “Karai” Manning created an issue

When loading a new .love file (or an updated version of the same .love file), love does not close the old instance and open a new, it just resumes from where it left off when you click home.

To resolve this manually, I needed to remove love from the Recent Apps list and then open the .love file.

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  1. Pablo Ariel Mayobre

    Does this happen with older versions? I don´t remember having the issues with the betas. Maybe the device or Android version? Can´t try it sorry

  2. Martin Felis repo owner

    Restarting Apps or killing old instances is very tricky and I have only found very dirty hacks to do that.

  3. Martin Felis repo owner

    Seems like #88 is running into the same problems as here. Any thoughts or suggestions are highly appreciated.

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