Sony Xperia Play DPad keys not recognized

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Issue #72 wontfix
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Could you please add support for these - maybe as a joystick.

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  1. Pablo Ariel Mayobre

    Well I made a little of homework and found this tutorial where you can get the key codes of each key.

    Also by looking at the code I found that this file can handle all the inputs from the keys, except for the Select (maybe mapped to escape as in the OUYA), Start and Circle key (The Circle key is mapped to "escape"+"alt")

    The Circle and Cross may be swapped in some countries, so you have to check whether its one or the other, to do so you can check this code example

    In the issue #52 he said that the keys didnt return anything except the Circle that returned "escape"

    The touchpad is harder, it has its own API and should require quite some work to map to some axis. You can find info about the touchpad in this PDF and in the code examples

    The touchpad makes use of the NativeActivity class

  2. Martin Felis repo owner

    Same as #52. It is a very specific and unfortunately outdated device that needs very specific code. Contributions are however very welcome.

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