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Reenen Laurie created an issue

The idea is to have a website that has all the necessary libraries etc. installed to compile a .love (or .zip) file to .apk.

So you submit your .love file, with perhaps an icon, a name and other properties required for .apk, and it emails | publishes you the output (whether it be an error log, or the .apk file).

Do you think this is viable?

The idea comes from my somewhat mixed andromo experience. And my struggles for compiling android apps.

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  1. Martin Felis repo owner

    Yes that would be definitely be helpful. However it is out of scope of this project.

    Something to keep in mind, though: runnable debug builds can be created without a hassle. Release builds however have to be signed by the developer. Not sure if people feel comfortable uploading their private to a server.

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