Crash in Android 4.4.4

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Issue #80 resolved
Konstantin Timoshenko created an issue

This bug only in Android 4.4. Dalvik From time to time project crashed with error:

Build fingerprint: '=Huawei/cm_viva/viva:4.4.4/KVT49L/3fe7de4086:user/release-keys' Revision: '16' pid: 20575, tid: 20590, name: SDLThread >>> <<< signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 00000037 r0 00000019 r1 00000000 r2 5f53e7e8 r3 00000401 r4 0000000e r5 00000064 r6 5f53e5e8 r7 5f53e8b8 r8 0000000d r9 ffffffff sl 0000000f fp 5f53e8b0 ip 00000003 sp 60fc2a00 lr 5f7e1df0 pc 5f7e1990 cpsr 600f0010 d0 0000000000000000 d1 0000000000000000 d2 0000000000000000 d3 0000000000000000 d4 0000000100000000 d5 4000000000000000 d6 4039000000000000 d7 4024000000000000 d8 0000000000000000 d9 0000000000000000 d10 0000000000000000 d11 0000000000000000 d12 0000000000000000 d13 0000000000000000 d14 0000000000000000 d15 0000000000000000 d16 0000000000000000 d17 0000000000000000 d18 0000000000000000 d19 3fa50df8c5da0642 d20 be92702eaee40335 d21 3fe9e377e2809743 d22 3e21e4c221e25016 d23 3fe0000000000000 d24 3c7f050403000000 d25 3f909fbf0fbe2b82 d26 0000000000000000 d27 3f7a406682c3d368 d28 3fe9e377e2809743 d29 4338000000000005 d30 4014000000000000 d31 3ff921fb54400000 scr 20000011

backtrace: #00 pc 00007990 <unknown> #01 pc 00007dec <unknown>

code around pc: 5f7e1970 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
5f7e1980 00000000 00000000 e24dd020 e58d9024
5f7e1990 e5990038 e58d0020 e370010a cbffe19d
5f7e19a0 e1c943d0 e375000e 1bffe19a e5191008
5f7e19b0 e591c02c e5dce006 e28c0008 e35e0001
5f7e19c0 1bffe194 e1c060d0 e377000c 1bffe191
5f7e19d0 e591c014 e5dce006 e28c0008 e35e0001
5f7e19e0 1bffe18c e1c0a0d0 e37b000e 1bffe189
5f7e19f0 e599e02c e599c028 e37e000e 1bffe185
5f7e1a00 e0ce2a9c e13e0fc2 1bffe182 e58d2018
5f7e1a10 e0920004 6bffe17f e5963018 e1530000
5f7e1a20 9bffe17c e5967008 e58d7014 e0876180
5f7e1a30 e596e004 e5960000 e37e000e 1bffe175
5f7e1a40 e3700001 0bffe174 e25c0001 6bffe173
5f7e1a50 e58d0008 e2549001 6bffe170 e3500000
5f7e1a60 dbffe16f e3590000 dbffe16e e591b018

code around lr: 5f7e1dd0 9bffe0ca e0867189 e597e004 e5979000
5f7e1de0 e37e000e 1bffe0c5 e3790001 0bffe0c4
5f7e1df0 e0989005 6bffe0c3 e1530009 9bffe0c1
5f7e1e00 e0867189 e597e004 e5979000 e37e000e
5f7e1e10 1bffe0bc e3790001 0bffe0bb e0949005
5f7e1e20 6bffe0ba e1530009 9bffe0b8 e0868189
5f7e1e30 e598e004 e5989000 e37e000e 1bffe0b3
5f7e1e40 e3790001 0bffe0b2 e09a9005 6bffe0b1
5f7e1e50 e1530009 9bffe0af e0869189 e1c960d0
5f7e1e60 e377000e 1bffe0ab e3e0200d e3760001
5f7e1e70 0bffe0a9 e58b2004 e58b1000 e2844001
5f7e1e80 e1540000 daffff84 ebffe0a4 e24dd008
5f7e1e90 e58d900c e3068200 e3458f53 e3e0700d
5f7e1ea0 e2485c06 e2483020 e3e01000 e5990010
5f7e1eb0 e370010a cbffe057 e599e00c e5994008
5f7e1ec0 e37e000e 1bffe053 e5192008 e592c02c

Comments (7)

  1. Alex Szpakowski

    Is it a specific function in love.filesystem? Can you provide a .love (or some kind of code) that reproduces the issue for you?

  2. Konstantin Timoshenko reporter

    Who can rebuild love2d from repository? I think in "downloads" latest version of a love2d without vibration and other fixes. Thanks!

  3. Martin Felis repo owner

    I have just uploaded a new version 0.9.1b and I do not experience any crashes there but haven't tested it on an older version. Please reopen the bug if the problem persists.

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