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+VMPR (Virgin Mobile PIN Randomizer) is a script for Virgin Mobile customers to use that changes their account PIN to a random number every few minutes. Doing this mitigates the risks posed by [Virgin Mobile's extremely insecure password system]( in a few ways:
+ * Any attempt to brute force your PIN won't get far before it changes.
+ * If Virgin Mobile's support or e-mail system gets compromised somehow, your PIN will probably have changed before it can be used. This is a concern because Virgin Mobile requires customers to include their PIN in all support correspondence, even insecure channels like e-mail. 
+ * Similarly, if Virgin Mobile's account database is leaked, your PIN will almost certainly have changed before someone malicious can do anything with it.
+Though Virgin Mobile has made some minor efforts to address their security issues, they haven't done enough. Until Virgin Mobile starts taking security seriously, it's a good idea for customers to be vigilant (or switch to a different carrier).
+ * Runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.
+ * Simple HTA-based GUI for Windows users.
+ * Configurable frequency of PIN changes (defaults to every 3 minutes).
+ * Can be configured to append new PINs to a file. Defaults to echoing them to stdout.
+ * Since Virgin Mobile helpfully sends you a text every time your PIN changes, you can find out if it's working by simply checking your messages.
+VMPR depends on [CasperJS 1.0.0-RC1]( as a submodule) and [PhantomJS 1.6.1]( The [Downloads page]( has standalone packages for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X that include both these dependencies. Windows users should run the "vmpr.hta" script to launch the GUI, while Linux and OS X users should run the "" script for the command-line interface.