Auto lock tower threads when new update made by same user.

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Issue #13 on hold
Jarek Głowacki created an issue

Not sure whether this would serve as a hindrance in some cases, but could help stop people posting in old versions of towers.

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  1. MasterCassim repo owner

    That could be problematic if the new version gets revoked / declined. Then we would've to reopen the old thread. This could also be automated but would require an extra check.

  2. Jarek Głowacki reporter

    I think that sounds alright. Or maybe locking threads for all towers marked as revoked, declined, or outdated, unless they are the latest version. If an update is uploaded for a tower whose thread is locked, it gets unlocked automatically?

    This is also closely tied to allowing separate discussion topics for each family member. I'm also thinking perhaps just having one common thread for all towers of the same family. But this would require some more foreplanning, to ensure it doesn't create any problems. Eg. comments written when updating a tower should always be tower-specific. Could also lock threads for all members except for the cheapest one. But iunno, what are your views on this? It's nothing needing any urgent attention, just an idea to make the forums tidier/maybe a bit less confusing for newer members.

  3. MasterCassim repo owner

    That would be easy to implement. Auto-loack revoked / outdated towers and open the threads if an update is suggested. Locking all but the first family member is probably too confusing for new people because this would result about 50% of the threads to be locked and they would need to find the right thread to post.

    The best solution would be one thread per family with all members listed. This would be nice but has really low priority because it needs many parts of the website (update system / threads) changed.

    Even better would be a single update option for the whole family within this new design (one family per thread). I don't think this will happen because we would need to change the GMSI scripts and many parts of the website.

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