New lines and tabs disappearing from code copied from 'show tower details'

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Issue #18 open
Jarek Głowacki created an issue

PIck any tower on the website --> show tower details --> highlight and copy the code from any trigger --> try paste it anywhere (another post, some external text editor, whatever) --> all tabs and newlines have disappeared! D:

For some reason the way the code is displayed in these 'show tower details' tags loses formatting when one attempts to copy it. It's especially annoying when trying to help someone fix their code by posting fixed examples of their code for them.

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  1. MasterCassim repo owner

    Can you try again? Copying and creating a new post preserves new lines & tabs for me. I'm using Chrome.

  2. Jarek Głowacki reporter

    It seems to be occurring specifically when copying text from the code displayed in "Show Tower Details" hidebox. I'm using firefox. I just checked this using chrome though and did not encounter this problem. What do these code boxes use for carriage returns? Apparently Environment.Newline, vbCr, or vbCrLf doesn't work with firefox.. (though my source may be outdated :P). Apparently Chr(10) does work. Idk how difficult/easy this would be fix, but would be nice to get something that works across all browsers.

  3. MasterCassim repo owner

    I try to do something; it's basically whitespaces in style="whitespace: pre" tags while <pre> work fine. It works in all other major browsers though ...

  4. Jarek Głowacki reporter

    Also, when i open one of these "Show Tower Details" code boxes on my phone, the new lines don't even get displayed. The whole trigger just just printed in the one line. This is when using the default android web browser.

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