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Shouldn't the default number of these two tower attributes be 1 and not 0. Especially for Ele. lvl since it is impossible to get any tower with 0 elemental points.

Referring to the General part on towers

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  1. Jarek GÅ‚owacki

    The wave/ele level is when you're allowed to build/upgrade a given tower and is based purely on that tower's goldcost. In build mode, the tower bases impose additional wave/ele level restrictions. ie. You can only build a base if you have at least one level in that element and if the wave level is satisfied for the rarity. In random mode, You need at least one level in the element to be able to random a certain tower, but the tower itself doesn't have that restricion, it's the stashes. Think of shared stashes mode. You can steal another player's tower without having any levels in a given element, but to upgrade it later on you may need to invest some points into that element. I hope that makes sense. Short answer: These numbers are correct, but there are additional restrictions imposed by the stashes and by the tower bases.

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