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Issue #23 resolved
Jarek Głowacki created an issue

The Castle Fight section on the main forum page should probably be squished down to the size of YouTD (just a single link, which then has a larger subforum within). And perhaps also add a comment beneath this single link, mentioning that it's no longer under development, so that people stop getting confused and posting there, expecting an answer. It just feels like 2/3 of that forum page is being taken up by something that's no longer in use.

Comments (3)

  1. Jarek Głowacki reporter

    Looks good!

    But is there a way to keep the 'general' section beneath the main topics like it was before, or does that make things too messy?

  2. MasterCassim repo owner

    YouTD is a category now which can not contain any topics. Even if it was possible it would probably be hard to find.

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