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Issue #24 open
Jarek Głowacki created an issue

-Towers and items should be in separate sections. -Show/hide families should default to hide (IMO). Maybe even remove the show/hide families button and have another overlay icon displaying the number of towers in the family? -It's not obvious that the legend tab opens (mouse cursor doesn't change when the tab is hovered over). I'd suggest flattening the legend into a single line and have it running just under the "Next YouTD version (8 | 18 | 1) " header.

But nonetheless, the changelog page has already proven really useful as is. Thanks for adding it :)

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  1. Jarek Głowacki reporter

    Oh, I thought that gap was just something weird happening with the spacing haha. Well that does make things clearer. ;) I still think having them in separate tables might be even better though (since icons can repeat between items and towers).

  2. MasterCassim repo owner

    @Glowackos I also noticed that and checked it. It is under the new section because

    YouTD v1.02 release: Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:08 pm
    Approved:            Sat Sep 28, 2013 5:45 am 

    which means it was never in any version before. This means the first version it appears is v1.03 and therefore classified as new.

  3. Jarek Głowacki reporter

    But logically, the tower was already in v1.02, so it should still be classified as updated, even if it goes through a number of update/approve cycles between releases.

    Also, I see that you've changed the order the changelogs appear in from Current->v1.02->v1.03, to latest -> oldest. I was going to suggest this myself, but it seems you beat me to it. :) (OR my memory is bad and it was always like that :P)

  4. MasterCassim repo owner

    Didn't noticed that the two versions earlier was already in the map. I guess I have to check all earlier version if one of them was already in the map.

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