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hg-review is not currently stable!

Do not use it for anything mission-critical!

Seriously, it might break at any moment!

You can look at some screenshots, but be warned that they might be a little out of date!


hg-review requires Mercurial 1.6+ and Python 2.5+. It requires a few other things too, but they're bundled with the extension so you don't need to worry about them.

First, get hg-review:

hg clone

Then add it to your ~/.hgrc:

review = [path to]/hg-review/review/

You're all set.

Try It

hg-review uses itself for code review.

I know, I know, it's so goddamn meta I think the internet might explode.

If you want to get a quick taste of how it works:

cd path/to/wherever/you/cloned/hg-review
hg review --init
hg review --web

Now visit http://localhost:8080/ and have fun. Use ^C to kill the server when you're done.

Unit Tests

The unit tests require nose:

pip install nose

Don't have pip? Get it. But if you really want to easy_install...

easy_install nose

Run the unit tests:

cd [path to]/hg-review


Take a look at the list of tests to see what I've got working so far:

cd [path to]/hg-review
nosetests -v
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