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Finishing up the tutorial slides

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 sp = pf.h.sphere(c, (250, 'au'))
 L = sp.quantities["AngularMomentumVector"]()
-tf = ColorTransferFunction((1e-14, 1e-10))
+tf = ColorTransferFunction((-14, -10))
 tf.add_layers(6, colormap="kamae", w=0.001)
 cam = pf.h.camera(c, L, 200.0/pf['au'], (512, 512), tf)
-cam.snapshot("DD0087_isocontour.png", 4.0) # clip by 4.0 * std()
+cam.snapshot("DD0087_isocontour.png", 2.0)

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-    {\Huge \textbf{#1} }
+    {\huge \textbf{#1} }
+\begin{frame}[t]{Quick outline}
+\item Codes \yt{} can handle
+\item Command-line tools
+\item Basic data-handling
+\item Basic plots
+\item Data objects
+\item Advanced plots
+\item Fun
 \begin{frame}[fragile]{Supported Codes!}
 \item Enzo
-\bigsimple{Simple stuff: The Command Line}
+\bigsimple{Simple, command-line toos}
-\bigsimple{Simple stuff: Scripting}
+\bigsimple{Basic data-handling}
-\mediumsimple{type: py-yt (or python) and your script name}
+\begin{frame}[t]{How to get ``into'' \yt{}}
+\item Run a script with {\larger\texttt{py-yt}} or {\larger\texttt{python}}
+\item Load a dataset with {\larger\texttt{yt load}}
+\item Run {\larger\texttt{iyt}}
-\bigsimple{First, we make a bit of data.}
+\mediumsimple{For these examples, we'll edit a script, then run it with {\larger\texttt{py-yt}}}
+\mediumsimple{{\larger\texttt{yt mapserver}}}
+\mediumsimple{{\larger\texttt{yt serve}}}
+\begin{frame}[c]{Places to go from here}
+\item Documentation: tutorial, advanced examples, cookbook, etc
+\item Support venues: {\larger \texttt{yt-users}}, {\larger \texttt{yt-dev}}, IRC
+\item \yt{} Hub
+\item \yt{} workshop, Chicago, January 24-26 2012!