2012-issac-yt / time_series.py

from yt.mods import *
import glob

filenames = glob.glob("*/*.hierarchy")

ts = TimeSeriesData.from_filenames(filenames)
min_rho, max_rho = 1e30, -1e30
min_V, max_V = 1e30, -1e30
for pf in ts:
    dd = pf.h.all_data()
    rho_ex, V_ex = dd.quantities["Extrema"](["Density","VelocityMagnitude"])
    min_rho = min(rho_ex[0], min_rho)
    max_rho = max(rho_ex[1], max_rho)
    min_V = min(V_ex[0], min_V)
    max_V = max(V_ex[1], max_V)
print min_V, max_V
print min_rho, max_rho
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