Nathan Goldbaum avatar Nathan Goldbaum committed e75fb0c

Fixes FLOAT/float issues in ActiveParticle_CenOstriker.C

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   for (dim = 0; dim < GridRank; dim++) {
-		  CenOstrikerGroupID, HDF5_FILE_PREC, (VOIDP) Velocity[dim]);
+		  CenOstrikerGroupID, HDF5_FILE_REAL, (VOIDP) Velocity[dim]);
-  WriteDataset(1,&TempInt,"CenOstriker_mass",CenOstrikerGroupID,HDF5_FILE_PREC,(VOIDP) Mass);
-  WriteDataset(1,&TempInt,"CenOstriker_creation_time",CenOstrikerGroupID,HDF5_FILE_PREC,(VOIDP) BirthTime);
-  WriteDataset(1,&TempInt,"CenOstriker_dynamical_time",CenOstrikerGroupID,HDF5_FILE_PREC,(VOIDP) DynamicalTime);
-  WriteDataset(1,&TempInt,"CenOstriker_metallicity_fraction",CenOstrikerGroupID,HDF5_FILE_PREC,(VOIDP) Metallicity);
+  WriteDataset(1,&TempInt,"CenOstriker_mass",CenOstrikerGroupID,HDF5_FILE_REAL,(VOIDP) Mass);
+  WriteDataset(1,&TempInt,"CenOstriker_creation_time",CenOstrikerGroupID,HDF5_FILE_REAL,(VOIDP) BirthTime);
+  WriteDataset(1,&TempInt,"CenOstriker_dynamical_time",CenOstrikerGroupID,HDF5_FILE_REAL,(VOIDP) DynamicalTime);
+  WriteDataset(1,&TempInt,"CenOstriker_metallicity_fraction",CenOstrikerGroupID,HDF5_FILE_REAL,(VOIDP) Metallicity);
 class CenOstrikerBufferHandler : public ParticleBufferHandler


   } // end: if (NumberOfParticles > 0) && ReadData && (MyProcessorNumber == ProcessorNumber)
-  if (NumberOfActiveParticles > 0)
   /* Close file. */
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