This is the repository that the yt Project's blog is held in. How to Add a Blog Entry ======================= Simply create a new .rst file in ``content/post/``, with the extension ``.rst``. The file doesn't need to have any prefixes; the old blog entries do simply because that helped organize them. Then, submit a pull request. How to Add an IPython Notebook ============================== First, download the nbconvert repository from the IPython project. Place that directory in your path. Then, from the root of this blohg directory, run:: python2.7 blohg_converterer.py --post-name "Your Post Name" /path/to/notebook.ipynb This will upload a copy of your notebook to the Hub as well as converting it to ReST, along with all of its attachments. Then to add it to the blog, with its files:: hg ci -A which will add any new files that are found in the repository's path. What Manages The Blog ===================== This blog is managed by the software ``blohg`` ( blohg.org ) which handles versioning in a mercurial repository. On top of that, it uses Shining Panda and Amazon's S3 to automatically publish new entries that get pushed to the main repository. How Do I View My Blog Locally ============================= First, ensure you have blohg installed:: pip install -U blohg Once you have committed your new file to the repository, run:: blohg runserver and go to the URL it spits out. This will show you your new blog entry.