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2012 In Review

2012 was an amazing year for yt. Whether measured by improvements to the code or community activity, it has been the busiest and most productive yet.

Here are a few stats:

  • We held the first ever yt workshop at the FLASH center in Chicago in January. Plans for a development-focused workshop have already begun in earnest for March of 2013.
  • 2221 changesets were added to the code base -- out of a total 7369, or slightly over 30%!
  • A record number of new contributors
    • In 2011, Nathan Goldbaum had contributed one changeset. In 2012, he was the number two contributor, with 322, ranging from the PlotWindow to field names and fixes for detailed aspects of the FLASH frontend.
    • Brian Crosby
    • Andrew Cunningham
    • Markus Haider
    • Christian Karch
    • Yuan Li
    • Joshua Moloney
    • Thomas Robitaille
    • Anna Rosen
    • Anthony Scopatz
    • Elizabeth Tasker
    • Stephanie Tonnesen
  • Version 2.4 of yt was released, which included threaded volume rendering, the Plot Window, a totally rewritten GUI, and a bunch of other improvements.
  • The yt Hub was re-launched with data exploration widgets and an IPython Notebook viewer.
  • The documentation for yt was streamlined and improved, with some awesome cookbook recipes and improvements.
  • Development of yt 3.0 really took off, with people from several communities picking it up and contributing changes.
  • yt gained the ability to create data totally in memory, and then write it to disk!
  • The yt community grew and was more active than ever, providing assistance, ideas, sharing suggestions and scripts, and keeping a congenial, friendly attitude.

Thanks for everything, and here's to making 2013 even better!